My nude pictures are advocating against plastic surgery – Christabel Ekeh


Under fire actress Christabel Ekeh has explained her motive for displaying her nude pictures on social media, saying she took those photographs to push her campaign against plastic surgery.

The “Potomanto” actress in an interview last week said sharing her nude pitcures it’s a way of introducing to the world the “new” Christabel.

She boldly splashed on her Instagram page nude photos of herself in a yoga sitting position and another in an almost backflip position which she later pulled down.

The posting of these pictures has attracted strong criticism from a section of the public with some questioning her psychological state.

But the actress’s sister Tabitha Ekeh who has elected to speak on her behalf over this issue, in an interview with Peace FM Saturday dismissed rumours that the actress mentally sick, adding that she published the pictures on purpose.

She added that Christabel was not contracted by anyone to take the pictures, but that the actress’s campaign against plastic surgery is self imposed.

” Christabel does everything on purpose. The last time she shaved all her hair she did that to encourage Cancer patients and her efforts were appreciated by some patients who came out to say they’d stopped wearing wigs. When you look at these new pictures you’ll see birth marks and scars on her. She also wants the ladies out there with body scars and marks to know that no matter how your body type is, you have to believe and have confidence in yourselves. She’s not saying though that if you have scars come out and take nude pictures, but is an advocacy against plastic surgery.”

Christabel Ekeh, has starred in popular movies like “Corporate Game” and “Sweet Mistake” and she recently revealed in a radio interview recently that she has fallen in love with a guy who kidnapped her.